Management Consulting


At Executive Edge Consulting, Management Consulting is an area that we take quite seriously. And in order to ensure that the most stable, efficient and long lasting human resource strategy directs your organization, we take an in-depth approach to see what improvements can be applied to each area of your human resource department.

•Organizational Design & Review
•Performance Management
•Job Analysis, Evaluation & Grading
•Talent Management
•Recruitment & Executive Search
•Training & Career Management
•Skills Assessment
•Development of Human Resources Policies and Procedures
•Remuneration Survey
•Learning & Development
•Human Resources Planning
•Competency Modeling
•HR Audit

Organization Design & Review

This is the process of deciding how organizations should be structured and function. An organizational design and review is able to answer questions such as, Who does what? How should activities be grouped together? What lines and means of communications need to be established? How should people be helped to understand their roles in relation to the objectives of the organization and the roles of their colleagues? Have we got too many unnecessary layers of management in the organization? We can help your firm form an organizational design that will make the best use of its human resources.

Performance Management

This is a systematic process for improving organizational performance by developing the performance of individuals and teams. Executive Edge will assist you in establishing a shared understanding about what is to be achieved and how it is to be achieved. It involves developing an approach of managing people to increase the probability of success.

Job Analysis Evaluation & Grading

Job analysis is able to give the following information about a job: Overall core purpose, job structure and job content. Job Evaluation is a systematic process for defining the relative worth or size of jobs within an organization in order to establish internal relationships.

Our job analysis methods will provide an objective scheme that functions analytically, fairly, systematically, consistently and transparently.

Talent Management

This is the process of identifying, developing, recruiting, retaining and deploying talented people.

Executive Edge starts with understanding the business goals and strategy and what it implies in terms of the talented people required by the organization.

Recruitment & Executive Search

This is the process of finding and engaging people who will work towards the organization needs.

Our firm undertakes four stages of recruitment and selection as follows: defining the requirements, planning recruitment campaigns, attracting candidates and selection of candidates.

Training & Career Management

Career management is an aspect of talent management that deserves separate consideration. This is about integrating the needs of the organization with those of individuals. Executive Edge Consulting will be involved with the provision of opportunities for people to develop their abilities and careers in order to give the organization the flow of talent it needs to satisfy its aspirations.

Skills Assessment

Our consulting services will assist you in determining the skills required to achieve an acceptable standard of performance. We start from a broad job analysis to what the job holder has to do and particular abilities and skills that they need to do it.

Development Of HR Policies, Procedures and Systems

HR policies are continuing guidelines on how to manage people in the organization. We will help you define the philosophies and values of your organization that will clarify how people should be treated. Through this process we will derive the principles upon which managers in the firm are expected to act when dealing with HR matters. This enables HR responsibilities to be shared evenly throughout the organization.

Remuneration Surveys

With the help of our firm you can conduct surveys that will produce data on levels of pay and benefits for similar jobs in comparable organizations. The information could be used for maintaining competitive salary rates, choosing benefits and deciding on pay scales in a grade and pay structure.

Learning & Development

This represents the approach an organization adopts to ensure that current and future learning and development activities support the achievement of its goals. We will assist your organization develop a business-led strategy designed to support the achievement of business goals by promoting human capital advantage.

Human Resource Planning

An organization needs to know how many people and what sort of people they should have to meet present and future business requirements;develop clear and explicit links between your business and your HR plans and to integrate the two more effectively.

Competency modelling

For every position in your firm, you definitely want to employ a professional who can do it perfectly. Often times, you may not know it but the very professional you need is right inside your organization and already working on it. The only difference between what he/she is doing now and what you want him to do is his level of competency. Your employees can perform ten times more effectively if you develop a competency model for your firm. With a competency model, the main strengths and value points of your organization can be identified and use to propel growth. Once a suitable competency model is established, your human resources will be geared towards fulfilling the end values that your company really stands out for.

Hr Audit

As part of our human resource consultancy services, we provide comprehensive HR Audits for different types of businesses. HR Audits are meant to help your organization identify its strengths and weaknesses and level them out for better synergy. During a HR Audit, the HR policies, procedures and practices of an organization are reviewed, streamlined and optimized to provide a competitive edge for the company. Therefore, when we audit your organization’s HR systems we will look into areas such as record keeping, legal compliance, remuneration structure, staff relations and appraisal systems and ensure they satisfy industry standards.